Pre & Post Natal Massage

Pre and Post Natal Massage

This massage can help alleviate those pesky aches and pains brought on by that extra little person. They also work to reduce fluid retention, helping you feel less balloon-like both before and after the birth.  All guests receive complimentary herbal tea/organic lemon water or filtered  water.

45min: $65
60min: $80
90min: $115book-treatment-online.png
Taxes included
Treatment length includes consultation

Customized Pre/Post Natal Massage & Private Yoga

You start this session with a 30 minute stretch, focused on key areas of tension.  Followed by a massage geared towards releasing, improved circulation, ease stress and reduce mental and physical fatigue.  Whether you prefer deep tissue or relaxation, your therapist will consult with you to design the massage that is best suited for your needs.

90min: $115book-treatment-online.png
Taxes included
Treatment length includes consultation

What to expect for a Pre Natal Massage

When coming in for your first massage, you will be told how to lie, but if you’re more than 13 weeks pregnant, you’ll probably be positioned on your side, as this is the most comfortable and strain-free pose.

During the massage a blend of styles will be performed, depending on the clients needs. A few types to consider and be aware of are:

  • deep tissue massage relieves tension and improves movement
  • relaxation massage helps to increase the metabolic rate and breaks down food
  • lymphatic drainage massage maintains circulation and decreases swelling
  • therapeutic massage eases stress and anxiety as well as increasing muscular strength

What to expect for a Post Natal Massage

As before, the massage will often be carried out whilst you lie on your side, although other positions will be suggested if you’ve had a C-section or are suffering with back pain or tender breasts.  Specific areas of tension will then be focused on including the shoulders, neck, legs and lower back. A warm pack may also be placed on your stomach during parts of the massage to start toning up your abdominal muscles.  This massage will help to re-balance your hormones, restore energy levels and promote a healthy posture.


Lugging around a growing baby for 9 months can easily take its toll – mentally and physically, but a pregnancy massage once a week, or even on a monthly basis, claims to help reduce stress and relieve cramping, muscle spasms, swelling and fatigue that all come hand in hand with being pregnant.  The massage techniques used are also claimed to help increase blood circulation and digestion as the whole process aids in more oxygen and nutrients being carried to the cells of mother and baby.


In most cases pregnancy massages will have a positive outcome.  However women with placental dysfunctions, pre-sclampsia, gestational diabetes, toxaemia, extreamly high blood pressure or threatened miscarriage should avoid the massages.  As always it is recommended to see your doctor first before booking your appointment.

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