Reflexology Treatment

With all of the stress and strain your feet experience, it’s no wonder that reflexology sessions are such a healthy and useful treat.  Reflexology sees the foot as a map and with pressure applied to specific points, it can restore balance to the entire body.  This relaxing session will work to improve circulation, relieve stress, and encourage a state of over all well-being.  Our practitioner will work on one foot while the other foot is coddled in a hot towel with small stones placed between your toes.

Reflexology is a form of treatment that uses pressure to specific reflex areas found in the feet and to a lesser extent, the hands.  According to practitioners, every part of the body is reflected in a precise area, or reflex point, on the feet and hands.  It is believed that illness, injury or disease can result in granular accumulations around these reflex points, which then block vital energy pathways.

Treatment aims to break down these deposits in order to free the body's natural energy flow, to open blocked nerve pathways and to improve the blood supply in order to flush away toxins.  Reflexology is thought to bring relief to a wide range of conditions, including migraine, hormonal imbalances, circulatory problems, digestive problems, back problems, tension, insomnia and stress-related disorders.  All guests receive complimentary herbal tea/organic lemon water or filtered  water.

60min: $80book-treatment-online.png
90min: $115
Taxes included

Full Body Massage  & Ultimate Reflexology Treatment

This treatment works the entire body and focuses on getting into any tight areas of the muscles to relieve any constant pain or discomfort.  Our therapist will then combine reflexology point techniques and massage to rejuvenate your entire body.  Relieving tension that commonly cause stress, headaches and even fatigue.  All guests receive complimentary herbal tea/organic lemon water or filtered water.

120 min: $160book-treatment-online.png
Taxes included

Full Hot Stone Body Massage & Reflexology Treatment

This treatment starts with the placement of Hot Stones over the entire body to allow for the warmth of the stones to relax the muscles. Reflexology is then performed on the feet and legs to allow the whole nervous system to relax & unwind. Lastly with the aid of the Hot Stones, your muscles are massaged from head to toe. Leaving you feeling the ultimate sense of body & mind wellness. All guests receive complimentary herbal tea/organic lemon water or filtered water.

150min: $200book-treatment-online.png
Taxes included

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